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The Build: Wordpress CMS/Elementor Pro/Hello Theme

A home builder based in Johnstown, DB Homes had some challenging needs for this website redesign.  This project was not one they wanted to rush, they were first concerned with making sure their website was built to provide a better user experience for his customers, worked well for his staff, and better reflected his business image to the public. 

Sugar Run Brewing Company Website Design Matthew Boyles Media Website Design Altoona PA Website Design Duncansville PA Website Design Hollidaysbrug PA
Sugar Run Brewing Company Website Design Matthew Boyles Media Website Design Altoona PA Website Design Duncansville PA Website Design Hollidaysbrug PA

Problems, Opportunities, Objectives

There was an existing site, but it was in dire need of a visual refresh and a complete mobile display overhaul. Due to unexpected circumstances, DB Homes was left with was a website that did not match or represent the quality product that they were known for. 

The sales and marketing staff needed a way for potential home buyers to be able to find a home floor plan based on their own taste and specifications, and do this easily without hassle or confusion. This website needed a way to store, sort, and display appropriate data based on varied inputs and categories. The current system that was in-place already did have a functional system that sorted and stored the data well, but the system was rigid in the way the data was displayed and styled.

I also needed to create a design that would allow DB Homes customers to view and select from the numerous offerings for interior features, appliance packages, and other options based on they type of home they chose to build. Each category had a variety of visuals and had to be sorted and presented in an easy to browse manner. They wanted to allow the customers at this stage in the buying process to be able to view and select these on their own time and pace, this allows the DB staff to focus on other parts of the project and shorten the time it takes for this. 

DB Homes was using an industry specialized CRM, I needed to make sure that visitors were funneled into this by utilizing design, copy, and integrating the website contact forms into this existing CRM system. 

The Solution

The project started in late July 2022 with the primary design and development time taking 6 months to complete and launch the redesign. This was large in terms of the amount of data and the pages needed. It consisted of almost 300 pages, and well over 2,000 images.

The website they were using already was built on Wordpress with a purchased theme specific to the real estate industry. They need to be able to update the website on their own, and are already familiar with Wordpress so I kept that the same.

I started fresh with just Wordpress and Elementor Pro. Anytime I am on a Wordpress project I always strip it all back to bare and start with Elementor. Elementor as a builder is great becasue it stays out of the way and allows me to easily integrate custom CSS, has a robust form submission system, and has almost all standard design components needed. Using the Pro version of Elementor is the only way I use it because it reduces the amount of other plug-ins needed. This makes any future updates in software safer because it greatly reduces the chance for code conflicts between 3rd party add ons. It also helps keep Wordpress websites leaner in size, resulting in faster page load times.

The existing website was using an existing paid plug-In to manage the expansive list of floor plans and I wanted to keep that the same. I just removed the themed portion it had and kept the plug-in functionality and its admin area that they were using and already accustomed too. This makes the changeover easy for them after delivery, they can continue to add/remove/change the floorpans as they need to.

I removed the Yoast SEO Plugin in favor of SEOPress Pro to manage the SEO for all of the pages and site. This is a leaner and more targeted SEO plug-in that is very easy to understand and use. The amount of pages need completed would be a lot of extra SEO work and SEOPress Pro makes it vastly easier.

Here is the backend I implemented for this redesign:

  • Wordpress
  • Elementor Pro Builder
  • SEOPress Pro
  • Houzez Real Estate Plug-In
It was a pleasure to work with Dick Burke, Jill, and DB Homes. I appreciated the confidence that he hade in me to help get this project off the ground and see it to completion.

More Information:

Elementor Pro
SEOPress Pro