SEO Toolkit Website Gets an Update

SEO Tools Website Update V1.6

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My still newish SEO toolkit website got an application and admin update today in an effort to continually improve its performance, usability, and functionality. I will always take all of your feedback into consideration and wanted to announce the following updates.

The most important change was I reduced the monthly subscription fee from $10/monthly to $5/monthly. The yearly sub fee is still at $50 as it is the most popular option and I still consider it a fair price. The old monthly fee seemed too high and I got a ton of feedback about it. To go along with this I removed the “Standard Plan” and added the new “Full Access Plan” at the new price point. This change was to better identify the features of the plan.   

Anyone who has subbed under the old plan and was paying the $10 monthly fee will receive $5 credit back to make it the same as what the new subscribers are paying.

I also added an option to simply pay a one time fee ($100) for permanent full access. Thus avoiding the monthly/yearly reoccurring fees.

The issue where you would continually get errors on the site map tool when the initial http request failed has been fixed.

A new Bing Search Parser has been implemented and the Google Search Parser has an improved algorithm.

Below is the complete Changelog.

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MBML SEO Toolkit Changelog

June 14, 2022

Release V1.6

  • Removed Standard Plan
  • Added Full Access Plan (New Lower Monthly Cost/Same Yearly Subscription)
  • Added option to purchase lifetime subscription (lifetime of the tool)
  • Fixed errors in the competition tool from the URL parser
  • Fixed errors in the sitemap tool when the initial HTTP request failed
  • Fixed an issue with input validation blocking public IP addresses
  • Improved the Google Search parsing algorithm
  • Implemented a new Bing Search parser
  • Removed some leftover testing code

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