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Earlier this year I launched an SEO tools web page on a sub domain with a simple interface that allowed registered users to use a few of the tools I use to measure some important SEO stats. I was very surprised to see that the website was as successful as it was, and how quickly it became more than what I had anticipated.

I could not have been happier with the reception and feedback I got from the users of the web app. I went to work upgrading the UX and following some the feedback the page got, with each update the app got better. The first few updates added some “creature comforts” and styling, but nothing significant as far as functionality. Well this update changes that for sure, and will also fundamentally change the direction and future of the web application and my involvement with it.

Working with the developers I partnered with on the project was fun and allowed me to expand my services to better help my web development customers and agency partners. Continuing to work on this project has stretched my own abilities, and forced me to learn more about a programming language that I was only a little familiar with before. The project has strengthened my own skills and I feel I’m a better website design/developer because of it. I was ready after the last update to leave this project alone for a while, I was finishing up a website redesign and have a new website beginning. It seemed like a good time. But with a little encouragement from some of my partners and colleagues, I was able to push through and take this to a new level. is now the home of my SEO tools application and services. The update was so significant that I decided to take it off of the subdomain and give it a brand new URL. This website is still currently only a web application that is subscription based, but now includes a free tier. The subscriptions are based only on how many reports can be generated per month and can be paid monthly or yearly with the ability to cancel anytime. All of the extra web tools, API access, and Project features are available to all registered users even non paid subscribers.

The main goal was to generate a professional report that could be used to explain and track some of the most important technical and on page SEO factors. These are the things that can be quickly identified and acted upon to make improvements quickly. A lot of SEO is long and tedious work, beyond total control. The reports you will get from eMBee SEO are all things you can control and improve your website with. The reports will also detail performance and security issues, helping you make changes that will improve the overall visitor experience for you website. And one of the best parts is, you can print and export these reports completely free of my branding. These reports are all white label, even with the free subscription.

In addition to the reports all plans get access to over 20 tools that cover a lot of utilities for websites, SEO, and content.

You can explore different opportunities with keyword tools, perform general webmaster functions and improve content.

I encourage you to check it out, register free, and give it try. Let me know your thoughts on how your experience with using the tools.

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