Hosted Email vs Email Forwarding


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With the recent changes to the way GoDaddy handles email I wanted to take a moment to explain the differences between the two email options you have with me so you can better identify what plan is best for you.

Hosted Email

Hosted email is an actual email inbox hosted on one of the servers I run. You get a professional domain branded email address of your choice.

Hosted Email Addresses:

  • Allows you to send an email from your custom address.
  • Needed to for email marketing campaigns.
  • Can be accessed via a webpage you log into or from an email client such as Apple Mail, iPhone, Outlook, or from another provider like Google.
  • You need to purchase one inbox per address 

Interested in having a hosted mail address? I can get you up and running with a custom domain email inbox, click here.

Email Forwarding

Email forwarding with domain is a service I offer that give you an email address to use for your website and marketing materials that is simply forwarded to an email address you already have.

Any replies you send from this email address with show as being sent from your gmail/hotmail/yahoo etc address and will not be from your custom domain email. However you can create as many of these as you want and there is never a cost since you are not using server space at all.

Email Forwarding:

  • Only receive email from the address
  • Cannot send as this email.
  • Is accessed only through your current email inbox.
  • Free for as long as you own the domain address
  • Can have as many as you want
  • No storage space.

Best of Both Worlds

Many times if I’m asked what’s the best way to handle email I will advise to purchase one hosted email address and use the free forwards to separate incoming emails into segments. With this set up you can set up the forwards as aliases and be able to “send as”. You also have a central place to manage your email and be able to keep it separate from your personal email.


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