This website for LAMB Solutions needed to be as unique as the company it is representing. A brand new Advertising Agency the need to impress on first sight was key in the design of the web-pages. The focus was on presenting the business as an emerging leader that has the services the visitor needs and the expertise to back that up. We used an animated header to catch the eye and a simple black and white design with small pops of blue to allow a user friendly and clean environment. Custom photos were taken by Starfleet and added to the services to show the character of the owner. To prove industry experience we added a page to show off the media partners similar to customer testimonials.


Seed Artillery was a website that needed to show off the work of master cannon restorer Dave Seedenburg. We used a responsive framework to make sure the website looked good on all devices. I employed a simple a gallery to showcase his work, and added custom CSS treatments to make sure the typography stood out. We finished with a contact form and video page to help his potential customers get a feel for a finished product and quickly contact him for a quote.


Starfleet needed a way to get more info from prospective clients. I build a custom quote form that allows them to have a price ready when they respond to the customer's message. I added a portfolio display to showcase their produced commercials and designed a custom header that includes a pictorial navigation. We added a customer log in portal to a backed developed by Starfleet.


A simple one page design used to allow a visitor to quickly gather information and fill out a contact form. This website is used to gather email addresses to build an email campaign list to distribute info on upcoming classes offered by Allegheny Mindfulness. The flow and the artwork are a direct reflection on the business it is portraying and allows even messaging throughout all print and email communications.

StarVue needed to have its own identity, but stay visually consistent with its sister site Starfleet. This website was designed to show the end benefits jsut as much as the features of the offer and was build with many visual ques such as a large sized icon pack and the visual navigation header. This website also is used as a client back end portal front for the StarVue developed back-end where current clients can utilize the software behind the service.


I worked on this project under the management of the YaZo Group. This website was build on responsive framework and was designed to be the information hub for Reclamere to showcase and educate on a new service offering, the Data Security 360 subscription plan. This website is also focused on finding talent and the company uses a Blog to stay in front of potential clients as an industry leader.


Another project I did project under the management of the YaZo Group. Enspice's website was created to be a single landing page to showcase the product and the unique way it helps fight a global crisis. This page was created to collect interested visitor info and pass it along to the company behind the product. The use of paralax effects and mute background make an impact with the visitor.


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